CRM Strategy Planning & Implementation

Identify, shape and steward the adoption of those strategy, process, and technology components that maximize the benefits of the CRM program to each enterprise's unique business situation.
CRM Platform Evaluation, Selection and Architecting

Independent evaluation and selection of the right components to build a comprehensive CRM platform that maximizes benefit and reduces risk.

Customer Valuation, Segmentation, and Analytics

Equip the organization to increase lifetime value and profitability of each customer through development of a company-wide perspective of customer worth.

Campaign Management and Marketing

Design, testing and implementation of customer treatment strategies and campaigns to improve efficiency and effectiveness of marketing initiatives.


Implement sales processes and systems that allow sales professionals to effectively sell the right products to the right customers


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Many organizations who cannot afford a full blown CRM solution can take advantage of our monthly service offerings
Name of service Cost Set-up
Lead Qualification $50/mo. and up $200 and up
Customer Profiling Starting at $125 n/a
Email Campaign Management $50/mo. and up $200 and up

Customer Service

Provide consistent and personalized customer experiences via case management, knowlegebase management and workflow processing.

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